Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MACC Confirms Cattlegate is Police Matter

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has refused to probe the controversial RM9.8 million purchase of a luxury condominium by a federally-funded cattle project, claiming today that the issue is a police matter. In a statement, the graft-busting agency said the matter has been classified as an offence under the Penal Code, which does not come under MACC’s jurisdiction. As such, MACC has referred the case to the police - supposedly.

UMNO top guns have formed a solid phalanx in defense of Shahrizat as the NFC cattle-farming project continues to come under attack from PR parliamentarians. But Najib, Noh Omar and Khairy gallantly stepped forward to wrap their protective arms around her exposed udder. Today, Muhyiddin joined the Shahrizat fan club, saying Shahrizat need not quit. Even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the same thing.

UMNO is sending a message that they are untouchable. With Cattlegate, business goes on as usual. These liars and crooks will just explain to the gullible public that this NFC venture is after all, the Malaysian “blue ocean strategy”. Who dares to argue against this? Don’t you trust Najib with his Nottingham degree? Or Khairy with his Oxford degree? Now only do I realize that these universities are very much over-rated! I am glad I didn’t study at these tertiary institutions – otherwise, I will be very shamefaced.

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