Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as Retirement?

On Friday, I was at the MIHRM Toastmasters meeting and it was well-attended. I took part in impromptu speaking and the Table Topics Master, CK Lim served a unique proposition. A speaker was to imagine himself or herself to be the CEO of the Durian 2.0 company and he or she was to speak about “The Insanely Great Product Launch” – in other words, they were to present a new product that represented a quantum leap. We were told that Lim was inspired by Steve Jobs – Sigh, I don’t seem to be able to stop hearing the latter's name being regularly mentioned in many of the Toastmasters meetings I attended. Anyway, there were five volunteers, including me. And I was satisfied that I gave a good speech that had a good breakthrough and which enabled me to be chosen the Best Table Topics speaker. It’s really good to know that I still have what it takes to “win”! I would give this meeting a score of 7 out of a 10.

In a survey conducted by Jobstreet and reported by The Malaysian Insider, these statistics are revealing. 72 percent of respondents supported the proposal to raise the minimum retirement age from 55, with most (34 percent) saying they preferred to retire at age 60. Another 15 percent said they wished to retire at 65 while 12 percent said they wanted to work as long as they could contribute, without any mandatory retirement age (Webpage, published November 04, 2011).

Well, at the end of the day – it is all about personal choice. If you can contribute, why not? If you wish not to – again, it’s entirely up to the individual. As for me, I agree with Brian Tracy who said "If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development." Perhaps this explains why I am lecturing and studying and Toastmastering at this stage of my career. I yearn to be a worthwhile person achieving worthwhile things.

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