Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Government Bulldozes Peaceful Assembly Bill

On Tuesday, the Dewan Rakyat passed the Peaceful Assembly Bill, which bars street protests – only six adjustments to the original proposal were made – and after a walkout by the opposition as well as a protest march led by close to 600 lawyers. It is a sad day for the country that the BN government passed this Bill in indecent haste and disregarding dissenting voices.

“This Bill does not protect national security, only the security of BN leaders,” said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Even before the lawyers began walking on Jalan Parlimen, a bashful group of 20 Malay youths was seen wearing plain yellow T-shirts, holding banners which read: “Free Sex Gathering 2.0″ and “LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Gathering 2.0″. These banners had the Seksualiti Merdeka logo printed on them. I am wondering if these miscreants wear yellow to fool the public - but then again, we are not witless as their masters are, right? How can anybody confuse Bersih yellow with cowardly yellow?

But when quizzed by reporters, many in the group hid their faces, shying from the cameras.

And then there was another equally bizarre counter-protest by a 20-strong anti-Seksualiti Merdeka group, gollering anti-gay slogans. “We are against free sex! We are against anal sex! We are Muslims, Allahukbar (God is great)!”

Just to illustrate the sheer stupidity of these demonstrators, one Razali Zakaria – supposedly representing Gerakan Memartabatkan Pejuang Negara (GMPN) – even claimed that the Bar Council was marching in support of “free sex”. He could say with a straight face that “the Bar Council’s gathering has elements of free sex. Gathering peacefully is one thing, but they (lawyers) are here because of free sex”! (Blogpage, accessed November 30, 2011). I am ashamed to know that there are Malaysians who are totally brainless!

BBC Sport’s Phil McNulty trumpeted the fact that Chelsea were again struck down by the curse of Kenny Dalglish as impressive Liverpool increased the pressure on manager Andre Villas-Boas with a comfortable Carling Cup quarter-final victory at Stamford Bridge. This 2-0 win maintains Dalglish's unbeaten record against Chelsea in 13 matches as Liverpool manager.

And Luiz Suarez was not even playing. Liverpool went ahead when Craig Bellamy broke clear down the right and crossed perfectly for Maxi Rodriguez to beat Chelsea keeper Ross Turnbull comfortably at the far post (58). And in-form Bellamy's free-kick found Martin Kelly unmarked in the area and the defender took advantage to head past the exposed Turnbull (63).

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