Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Dingbat Speaks

The abhorrent and loathsome Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) still stands, said Nazri Aziz, the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. He held firm that the antiquated law, which effectively bars students from political activities, remained intact as the Court of Appeal decision was “only the opinion of the court” (Webpage, posted November 02, 2011). The dingbat who is Najib’s Minister has spoken and I vomited. Why am I feeling sick in the stomach? Doesn't he know that the court’s ruling invalidates the law? Hello, I may not have studied law but even I know this! Stupidity knows no bounds.

UK’s The Independent reported on Tuesday that two teenagers will take on the Government in the High Court in a bid to have the rise in tuition fees deemed unlawful.

If successful, the case would cause embarrassment for the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who introduced the rise, and for the Government, which would have to scrap the increase and devise a new plan for funding.

Sixth-formers Callum Hurley and Katy Moore, both 17, will argue the rise will cause student debts of up to £50,000, leaving university education unattainable for many – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. During the two-day trial in London, lawyers are expected to argue the decision to raise fees was a political choice which breaches the right to education protected by the Human Rights Act. They will also claim the Government failed to consider evidence of the adverse impact that fees will have on those from more deprived socioeconomic backgrounds.

This is going to be an interesting court case which I am sure all university-bound students in the UK will be following closely.

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