Friday, November 18, 2011

Daring Dress

If your boyfriend dumps you – here’s a daring dress to wear to tell him not so subtly what he’s missing! And reality TV star Lauren Pope also very nearly managed to show everyone else too as she arrived at the UK premiere of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie at Westfield Center in London’s Stratford on Wednesday. It was a custom-made frock by designer Louis Heal that had a split going up her right side all the way up to her shoulder and held in place by a diamante clasp at her waist. It dropped straight to the floor revealing that Pope wasn't even wearing any underwear. Gutsy! And the secret behind her not revealing anything she didn't want to to the public – plenty of tit tape.

All it takes is just one gust of wind and her modesty would have been severely compromised. But I don't think she's got a care in the world - she is supremely self-assured.

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