Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introducing Chef Wani

On Tuesday, Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club organized the fourth session of their in-house Speechcraft program – this time, focusing on Project # 4: How to Say It. I was the evaluator for Rossy Hii and I am pleased to note that her speech went well.

Chan Siew Peng had nominated me to be the General Evaluator for the Joint Area B1 Toastmasters meeting to Jess Fong, Area B1 Governor. And so on Wednesday, off I went to Deloitte KassimChan’s office – where Toastmasters from 5 clubs gathered to give speeches and evaluations. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about this meeting because I hadn’t enjoyed any of the Deloitte meetings that I had previously attended. But this particular meeting was admittedly, different. There were four good speeches and likewise the evaluations. My only beef was that the meeting started thirty-five minutes late which was inexcusable! Still, I must confess to enjoying the meeting and I am happy to award it a score of 5 over 10.

This video clip that I found on YouTube is really funny and bizarre – it is related to the Lynas issue that is still very much a sore point with Gebeng-Kuantan residents. Everybody will be fatally affected if this project is allowed to progress – well, except the UMNO people who supported it! They must have discovered immunity against radioactive poisoning!

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