Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ambitious Fernandes

The Malaysian Insider’s Debra Chong wrote on October 05, 2011 that “Tony Fernandes appears to be moving his allegiance from one former Prime Minister to another since coming under attack from influential Malay right-wingers over AirAsia’s controversial share swap deal with Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)”. In an exclusive interview with Malay-language news portal, Agenda Daily (Webpage, published October 02, 2011), he came out in his usual brash talking style by rubbishing the suggestion that he owed AirAsia’s dramatic success to Abdullah – although he did concede that it was the former prime minister who approved the budget carrier to fly into Singapore.

But he was his usual caustic self when he said: “Actually, we didn’t get anything, what we got was mostly during Mahathir’s and Najib’s time. During Pak Lah’s (i.e. Abdullah’s) era, it was very little”. See how quickly, nimbly and expeditiously he can change his mind about things?

He was downplaying Abdullah’s role because these days, Abdullah is being blamed for almost everything. As for Mahathir, he had given public backing to Fernandes last month and so the latter is, I suppose, appreciative. Najib is still the government, so ambitious Fernandes will be nice.

It is really very sad, isn’t it? In Malaysia we seem to believe that the only way to get ahead in life is to suck up to the political leaders.

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