Saturday, September 17, 2011

Third Gender Option

Under guidelines released Thursday, Australian passports will now give citizens three gender options – male (M), female (F) and indeterminate (X) – in an effort to curb discrimination against transgender and intersex Australians as they travel.

Advocates say the law reform is significant: While Canada and the United States permit gender changes on passports, the Australian ruling is the first to go beyond M and F categories.

Advertising agency director Austen Zecha expressed his sincere regret to Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen in open court for making libelous statements against her. The former, a director of advertising agency TBWA-ISC Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Integrated Strategic Communications Sdn Bhd (ISC) had given a radio interview on March 18 this year, in the presence of one Noelle Lim, that was defamatory to her.

The latter had filed a lawsuit on April 14 claiming that the words uttered by Zecha during the interview implied that she, through her agent, solicited a bribe to ensure that the defendant and/or ISC were awarded an advertising contract for which there was a pending public tender.

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