Monday, September 12, 2011

Taib Doesn't Know His Orang Utan

If you have read my blog posting dated August 04, 2011 titled “Positive Spin” which featured the illegal operator, FBC Media – you would have learned that they are good at fabricating stuff about Najib and Taib so that these two shady characters appear larger than life. Anyway, Sarawak Report on Thursday again showed FBC’s dubious handiwork when the latter came up with a copycat site (allegedly costing $5 million) to undermine the hard-hitting Sarawak Report with the hope of countering criticisms on corruption and creating an ’eco-friendly’ image for the megalomaniac Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud! And so they advertised his make-believe environmental efforts by starring the orang utan, which is now all but extinct in Sarawak (thanks to Taib’s infinite greed).

Oops! Wrong monkey. The website Sarawak Report(s) used a Sumatran orang utan to illustrate Taib’s conservation credentials!

For comparison a Borneo orang utan in similar pose. Naturalists say that the Sumatran's beard is one easily distinguishing characteristic.

It is maybe because the animal is so nearly extinct, that this bogus website (called Sarawak Report[s] – a kind of back-handed compliment to the real Sarawak Report) demonstrated their sleazy ignorance about what it actually looks like. But, naturalists promptly contacted Sarawak Report to point out that the photograph they have used is of a Sumatran orang utan, not the dangerously threatened Borneo variety!

So they have ended up by flaunting that Taib doesn’t even recognize Sarawak’s most iconic animal, whose environment has been devastated by his own avaricious logging.

How very embarrassing for Sarawakians and Malaysians, but not for rapacious Taib who is uncaring, unconcerned and unfeeling.

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