Monday, September 19, 2011

Prove it, Najib!

Most Malaysians are reacting warily to Najib’s surprise announcements on the repeal of the ISA and other things. Can you blame them? Even I am suspicious that Najib actually became enlightened and decided to throw away some of the instruments of control that keep him and his BN goons in power.

Lim Kit Siang told Najib yesterday to revoke the ban on Bersih 2.0 and drop all charges against those arrested in connection with the outlawed coalition before the prime minister can claim of wanting to be the best democratic system in the world. And what Lim said, makes sense! If Najib is really sincere, why repeal only some of the laws? Why not do away with all tyrannical laws? The Universities & University Colleges Act (UUCA). The Emergency Ordinance (EO).

But on the same day, I also read Muhyiddin’s statement that “ISA gone but other laws remain”! This sure sounds like a threat to me! And what about Chua Soi Lek’s comment on Thursday itself that “Controls needed for online media”? They are not in sync with Najib’s announcements! It makes me wonder if Najib is in control or his mindless foot soldiers are saying stupid things because they have yet to grasp Najib’s “good intentions”? Or maybe, they know Najib is posturing only?

Okay lah – I did say I will wait and see! I hope Najib was not putting on an act in front of 800 cheerleaders! Maybe, he has begun to prepare for a career outside of politics – as a stand-up comedian? Harith Iskandar, kindly make way for Najib Razak!

In football, there’s only bad news. Rangers prevailed in the season's first Old Firm derby to move four points clear of Celtic at the top of the Scottish Premier League, the Ibrox side winning 4-2. And down south, Liverpool played horribly and deservedly lost 0-4 to Tottenham! To say I was embarrassed is to put it mildly.

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