Thursday, September 1, 2011

Merdeka! Are we truly free?

It is sobering to read Jeswan Kaur’s aricle “Merdeka! Are we truly free?” in Free Malaysia Today. I knoiw, I know. Although it was published yesterday, I only read it today. I am particularly drawn to what she had written in para 6: “Had the country’s Merdeka been given due respect, the rights and sentiments of its people of all races would have been equally respected. We would not have had the incident where former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad cautioned the non-Malays to “behave” themselves if they were to continue living in this country. For Malaysia, he said, belongs to the Malays, simply because at one time this nation was called Tanah Melayu (the Malay land)”. Yup, as I have said yesterday, many Malaysians weren't really in the mood to celebrate Merdeka because its true meaning has been corrupted and worse, prostituted by the “powers that be”.

My blog posting on May 15, 2010 mentioned Malaysia producing a stellar economic performance in 1Q 2010. And yes, we continued to do well for the rest of the year even though this growth dipped in subsequent quarters. Still, 2009 was a really lousy year and so we were, after all, expected to recover moderately the following year. Therefore, to attribute this strong growth in 1Q 2010 to “Najibnomics” is an exercise in silliness unless we associate it with average economic performance! Check out our performance below and decide if you agree with me or not!

And based on the OECD Development Center (MPF-SAEO 2010), Malaysia showed 6.5 % growth overall in 2010 versus Vietnam's 6.8%, Thailand's 7.0% and Singapore's 14.0%. We are ahead of only Indonesia's 6.1% and Philippine's 6.0% (Webpage,3746,en_2649_33731_46367966_1_1_1_1,00.html).

It is great to also discover that Liverpool completed their clear-out on a hectic transfer deadline day. Now they have a team worthy to challenge for honors. Watch out, Man U and Man City! The Reds are almost battle-ready!

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