Saturday, September 24, 2011

Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

Today, I was at KL’s Banker’s Club to attend the Premier Advanced Toastmasters meeting. I delivered speech # 1 from the Speaking to Inform manual titled “Lifelong Learning”. I thought I did quite well and both my opening and closing were superb. But at the same time, I acknowledged that I received very good feedback from both Helen and Benjamin and I actually agree with them. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect speech and I am still learning to speak well! Geoff Andrew, the club’s Vice-President Education screened the two winning speeches from the 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking, i.e. Elliot’s and Kwong’s speeches. But what was meaningful to the members and guests was that there was an open evaluation on these speeches. Generally, all – well, those of us who spoke up – agreed that Kwong delivered the better speech but it was Elliot who pipped him at the post. I too went through the experience of losing narrowly to another contestant and so, if Kwong was filled with regret, I know how he felt.

The other offering this morning that kept me glued to my seat was when Jonathan Low, Immediate Past President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and ex-Toastmaster was invited to talk about “Moving beyond Toastmasters speeches to professional presentations and Keynotes”. It’s about moving into the professional speaking circuit and getting paid for it! I am beginning to get real interested in MAPS! Still, overall, I would give this meeting a 6 out of a 10.

In the afternoon, I raced to Taylor’s University Pondside Campus to attend the Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation contests where I was a Ballot Counter. I was also there to root for the two challengers from Taman Indrahana.

In the Humorous Speech contest, my personal vote would have been given to Chong Mei Wan but sadly, she wasn’t placed. The Taman Indrahana contender didn’t win either. In the Evaluation contest, only two participants impressed me, i.e. Ng Sok Teng and Ng Jean Hui in that order. But the official results showed that they came in seco
nd place and third place respectively. I was disappointed with the judging but having said that, I am still very proud of Jean, the Taman Indrahana hopeful.

The widow of customs officer Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed, Maziah Manap (left), on Friday accused the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) of persisting in their attempt to defame her husband as a corrupt official (Webpage, posted September 23, 2011).

Meanwhile, the decision on the inquest into Sarbaini’s death is set for September 26. The month-long inquest which began on July 4, 2011 saw thirty-four witnesses testify on the events leading up to his death.

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