Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jimmy Choo Replicas

This week, my MKT1014 Principles of Marketing tutorial groups began making their presentations. They were tasked to choose a brand that is not a market leader and relate it to a specific topic from their ongoing lectures. This particular Tutorial 3 group (i.e. Lee Wai Chien, Lee Chak Wei and Leong Sheng Yik) focused on SWOT analysis and narrowing their presentation to just one component, ‘Threats’. The brand they selected was Jimmy Choo and one fact that they revealed that was interesting was the existence of a website ( that has developed a “collection of replica Jimmy Choo shoes that is affordable and true to the original Jimmy Choo designs”. E.g. Jimmy Choo Strappy Sandals - the original and the replica and their respective prices:

Wow! People are now shamelessly copying!

Ellie Low of Metro Toastmasters Club was kind enough to give me a speaking slot and today, I drove to Vistana Hotel in KL’s Jalan Lumut, off Jalan Ipoh to deliver my advanced speech # 3, “The Demonstration Talk” from the Speaking to Inform manual, titled “The IS=2D Formula”. My speech was basically about how any Toastmaster can deliver a 5-7 minute speech in quick time. Let’s examine my formula. IS is Impromptu Speaking and the two Ds refer to mental discipline and mental dexterity. In short, it is about mentally preparing a speech without having to put pen to paper. It sounds simple and straightforward, right?

And so I proceeded to outline a 5-step process: (1) Think of a speech title, (2) Cerebrate a message to accompany the title, (3) Identify key points (they become your content), (4) Personalize the speech (i.e. embed anecdotes that come from your own collection of personal stories), and (5) Develop an appropriate opening and closing. I ended this speech by challenging the audience to try this method! I contended that if you can demonstrate discipline and dexterity, then you can quickly construct a speech by faithfully following just these five moves. The wonder of it all is that you can develop a speech in less than 30 minutes! Isn’t that great?

Yee Kim Foong was my Evaluator and he gave me some good pointers to improve further, i.e. my speech title could be more reflective of my content and I could use a better visual aid. I had used a flipchart to demonstrate this innovative method instead.

It was great to see good friends Shukur, Stephen, Khoo, Yee, Janis, Victor and Helen again and you know what? My speech was directed at the right audience because I was addressing experienced Toastmasters. It was a great meeting and I would give it a score of 8 out of a 10.

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