Saturday, September 17, 2011

Impressive Contestants

Thursday was the Joint G3-G4 Area Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests at AFC House, Bukit Jalil. I must say that except for the fact that we started late – I was impressed with the contests. For a start, it was well-organized (Lorna Leong and her team from AFC Toastmasters Club did a fabulous job) and it was a full house! (There were easily about seventy-plus people who came to witness the event). More importantly, I was overawed by the speeches and evaluations! And I am not talking about just the winners but also those who weren’t placed. These two speakers stuck out memorably – Monash’s Lee Seng Fong and MidValley’s Leung Wan Choong. Even the test speaker, Karen Cheah (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club) who was notified at the eleventh hour, performed admirably. I must admit that I gushed with pride at these talented speakers who collectively made this evening so unforgettable!

Anyway, in the Humorous Speech contest for Area G3, the winners were Chang Kit Ti (Champion), Vincent Liew (First Runner-up) and Chong How Yee (Second Runner-up). In the Evaluation contest also for Area G3, the winners were Chang Kit Ti (Champion), Christine Ong (First Runner-up) and Jacy Wee (Second Runner-up). In Area G4, only one club participated and so the reps from AFC Toastmasters Club, i.e. Tong Fong and Jocelyn will join the victors from Area G3 to compete in the Division G contests. [As at Area-level, the champion and first runner-up of the respective Area G3 contests qualified to participate].

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