Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Percent

30 percent seems to be a favorite percentage rate for Malaysian cronies and crooks. Now whisteblower site Wikileaks revealed that the seedy and allegedly corrupt side of Malaysia’s defence procurement has been laid bare in a US embassy cable, with shocking revelations on how shameless UMNO politicians, agents, civil servants and military officials receive 30 per cent “commission” on deals.

The Malaysian Insider wrote today of how a US aerospace executive told the US embassy in KL that defence deals were done through shadowy agreements with no tendering process. One example was when the then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s sister-in-law arranged a $400 million (RM1.2 billion) contract to buy military cargo aircraft from Airbus. This particular deal was announced following Abdullah’s return from a trip to France.

“The US executive asserted that PM Abdullah’s brother told him this deal was ‘done for political and other reasons, such as commission’,” noted the US embassy cable made public through Wikileaks.

Similar surreptitious schemes were described for the procurement of T91 Polish tanks and SU-30 Russian aircraft, noted the executive, who also said that once someone purporting to work for then-Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak approached him about a deal and suggested “you will get a part of it.”

The US embassy further noted that Malaysian political parties including UMNO rely on “money politics” for much of their operating funds. “Projects or tenders often are awarded as political patronage with a cut of funds circulating back to the party through different channels,” noted the embassy.

I wonder what would Malaysia’s ranking be when they release the Corruption Perceptions Index this year? I fear for the worst because corruption is endemic in this country. Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib are implicated. And many others as well. These criminals dishonor Malaysia!

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Frankie said...

It's no wonder I see so many Porsche Cayennes, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes Benz being driven by the wives of civil servants. The 1Malaysia government must be paying good salaries to their civil servants or perhaps the civil servants have found a secret formula of how to multiply their salaries tenfold.