Friday, August 26, 2011

Unexpected Praise

Last evening, I was at the IEM venue to be the Chief Judge for the Humorous Speech & Evaluation contests, where thirteen participants came forward to wow the audience. There were at least four good Humorous speeches but the champion Ken Wayne deservedly won because his “Chinese vs Indians” speech was truly entertaining. I would even go so far as to describe it as comical. The speech evaluations were also generally of high quality but there can only be one winner, and the top dog was Robert Ram.

Yesterday morning, Lim Guan Eng received praise from an unexpected source when the granddaughter of the MCA’s first president and daughter of the country’s longest-serving finance minister said the Penang chief minister should be given recognition for the state’s prudent management of public funds.

Tan Siok Choo, the daughter of Tan Siew Sin and granddaughter of Tan Cheng Lock – both of whom were former MCA presidents – told BFM radio that it was good that Lim had shown what could be done by eliminating waste and implementing open tenders. Her remarks on Thursday came as the DAP is increasingly being seen as the party of choice for the country’s Chinese community while the MCA, the party founded by Siok Choo’s grandfather Cheng Lock, appears to be like a beast in its death throes.

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