Friday, August 12, 2011

Penang in the News

In the August 13 issue of The Economist, the international weekly dubbed Penang “the first custom-made city of globalization” and credited chief minister Lim Guan Eng for boosting the city’s revival by axing a racial special treatment economic policy in the state to create a more level-playing field that appeals to foreign investors.

For sure, Penang Boleh! This no-nonsense recognition from a well-regarded news magazine for Lim is acknowledgment of a job well done. This just shows that Pakatan can govern better than BN. And they didn’t even have to pay foreign PR companies to write the said article!

For sure, Lim Guan Eng is putting the shine back to The Pearl of the Orient. And doing the right things have gotten him all the right attention.

Hmmm, the BN government did not censor the said article for untruthful reporting! They must have realized the futility of it!

It is good to know that Putrajaya has now ended their contract with British publicity firm FBC Media after the embarrassing exposé last week revealed Malaysian leaders routinely appeared in paid-for interviews on global television programs. For insights into this shame, read my blog posting dated August 04, 2011.

The Malaysian Insider today understands that the Prime Minister’s Office terminated FBC Media’s contract in the past week, just months after another public relations firm, APCO Worldwide from the US, met an ignominious end for alleged links to Israel.

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