Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Merdeka, 2011

I am of the view that we as citizens of Malaysia will find true independence only when we have voted out the corrupted and crooked BN government once and for all! This land of plenty has been plundered and looted. I am sad, even angry that a country with so much promise cannot deliver after 54 years of independence. [Some would claim that we are actually 48 years old since Malaysia has only existed since 1963. To claim our nation is 54 is to ignore the role Sabah and Sarawak have played in its formation). Whatever lah. Today, I look upon August 31 - not as a day of celebration - but as a day of reflection, of recognizing that our country’s independence (we call it, Merdeka) can no longer be taken for granted. I urge fellow Malaysians to reflect on Tunku Abdul Rahman's vision of a truly Merdeka Malaysia, a Malaysia that belongs to all Malaysians!

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