Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mat Sabu: Islamist or Communist?

On Satuday, Utusan Malaysia dug again into their bag of tricks and came up with another wild story that had Mohamad Sabu saying that the communists who attacked the Bukit Kepong police station during the pre-Independence communist insurgency were heroes.

The newspaper accused him of disparaging the country's armed forces and expressing support for communists but Mohamad, has since denied the report and accused the Malay-language daily of fabricating the quote.

Not satisfied with demonizing him, the Malay daily launched a full-scale assault against Mohamad on Sunday over his alleged remark, carrying eight pages worth of comments and criticisms against him, ranging from top Umno leaders like Muhyiddin Yassin to ex-soldiers who had fought communists during the Bukit Kepong police station attack.

The newspaper also accused Mohamad of wanting to re-write history to turn Malaysia into a republic.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng challenged Mohamad’s critics and asking them to make up their minds over whether the PAS deputy president is an Islamic extremist or a communist. Lim said that he had been detained under the ISA in 1987 during the Operation Lalang clampdown along with Mohamad who was then accused of being an Islamic fundamentalist. Lim posed the question: "Now, they are saying he is supporting communism. Is there any credibility to these accusations?"

The lies of
Utusan are becoming a big joke! All their spins will wake up the Malays and show them that UMNO is a dishonorable party that has plummeted into the despicable abyss of disgraceful disrepute.

Lim had likened the attacks on Mohamad to those made against him for being anti-Malay and also anti-Chinese at the same time!

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