Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lying Najib

This morning, I was at Damansara Heights (i.e. Wisma HELP in Jalan Dungun, to be exact) to attend the HELP University College Toastmasters Club’s Humorous Speech & Evaluation contest. Again, I gamely took on the role of Chief Judge and I put together a supporting cast of five judges, one tiebreaker judge and one test speaker.

I have always found HELP Toastmasters to be an invigorating bunch of young people infused with daring dynamism. This contest did not disappoint because they really jazzed up the proceedings by making sure there were good participation as well as good speeches (and evaluations). There were altogether sixteen contenders – eight per contest.

The Humorous Speech contest was hotly contested and the top two winners (Vincent Liew and Loo Hon Rong came in Champion and first Runner-up respectively) will proceed to the next stage of the competition, i.e. the Area-level contest. I also enjoyed speeches from Rajveer Singh and Zoe Lo Sue Ann – their deliveries were interesting and engaging.

In the Speech Evaluation contest, the quality of evaluations was not so brilliant. Probably because the contestants were mostly newbies and they did not possess the necessary experience in the art of evaluation. I don’t blame them because I can recall that I did take part in the same contest one year and two-and-a-half months after I signed up as a Toastmaster and I didn’t even get placed. Anyway, Loo Hon Rong and Vincent Liew were the eventual winners, i.e. Champion and first Runner-up respectively.

And it was also very encouraging to see many Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters (i.e. HELP students) who came and watched and listened. It’s not often that club-level contests draw a large audience but today’s contest did! Great work, Eugene! He was the Organizing Chair who made things happen!

Najib Razak made a statement to the press yesterday that he had specifically offered Bersih 2.0 use of a stadium in Shah Alam to hold their July 09 rally and had never retracted the offer.

An interesting claim made by the Prime Minister of Malaysia that was disputed by election watchdog Bersih 2.0 today. Steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah told The Malaysian Insider: “That offer only came from Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, not from the PM. Najib never said which stadium... he only said a stadium. Perhaps we were expected to read his mind”. If Maria is speaking the truth, it can only mean that Najib is a blatant liar! And this was not the first time he has lied to Malaysians.


the tantzeyi said...

Hi Victor, this is tze yi from HELP TMC. Thank you once again for taking up the role as our honourable chief judge. And I certainly hope the contestant and the event did not disappoint you in any way. Thank you again for blogging about me on the 30th july. I will definitely make more speeches and you have my word. Above all, thank you for always supporting HELP TMC. Take care and have a great day!

Glam said...

Tze Yi, it was a pleasure indeed for me to be a part of the HELP Toastmasters fraternity. And I am certainly looking forward to listening to more speeches from you and the others.