Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jobs Announcement

Today, I went to two contests. First stop was Bankers Club in Amoda Building, Jalan Imbi where I attended the Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests. Participation was generally disappointing – there were just seven contestants in total – and in the former, Marcus Chee impressed with his speech titled “The Secret”.

What I mean is that he was crowned champion. Not bad for a guy who delivered the humorous speech showing off his legs and suitably decked out in red strappy heels and carrying a handbag. I must say I loved his speech! Club president Loh Chuan Seng won the Evaluation contest. I was one of the judges.

Second stop was UniRazak Sunway Campus where the Joint Area B1-B2 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests was held. Unlike last year which proceeded like clockwork, this year’s event was very messy
! The Chief Judge was late. The Toastmaster-of-the-Day was late. Two judges were late. There was no briefing for role-players – except judges. The agenda contained many errors. Of course, we also started late – a full ten minutes – and it only commenced after both the second organizing chair and I as the Sergeant-at-Arms insisted that we kick-off the contests! Even after the Humorous Speech Contest Chair finished his little presentation – there was an awkward idle time of thirteen minutes before the contestants could begin.

On the positive side, ten Indrahanians (above photo) came to lend support to our two contestants – Han Lee Hwee for the Humorous Speech contest and Ng Jean Hui for the Evaluation contest. Altogether six club winners participated in the two contests for Area B2 and the Taman Indrahana toastmasters easily outshone their lackluster rivals. I am particularly pleased that my mentee took the honors in the Evaluation contest even though she is very much a freshie!

In the Area B1 contests, Dennis Wee fought tooth-and-nail with Meyyappa but the former prevailed in the end. In both contests, Dennis came first and Meyyappa came second. The other contestants were simply outclassed.

Having being involved in twelve club and two Area contests thus far – I must say that this year’s quality of contestants is gravely lacking. With some exceptions – mostly, the speeches and evaluations I have heard didn’t raise eyebrows!

In the immediate aftermath of Steve Jobs' announcement Wednesday
that he was stepping down as Apple’s CEO, shares dipped in after-hours trading by as much as 7.39 percent, stripping $24 billion from its market cap (Webpage, posted August 24, 2011). I wonder what if Najib Razak resigns tomorrow? I am speculating that Bursa Malaysia will see share prices ascend skyward! The country will be celebrating!

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