Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elections Anytime

When Najib Razak first announced the intention to set up a parliamentary select committee on electoral reform, there was optimism. That soon faded when the membership of 5+3+1 was made public. And even that disappeared when on Friday, the prime minister said: “Elections can be held anytime, there is no relation to the parliamentary select committee” (Webpage, posted August 19, 2011). I don’t believe I am hearing this! This whole exercise of having a polls panel would be pointless if federal polls were to be called before the panel’s recommendations are enforced.

In so many words, Najib is saying that the select committee is just a sham and an attempt to appease Malaysians without seriously wanting to hear what the panel can do. Najib is belittling those people who participated in Bersih! My bigger disappointment – and I am sure my opinion is shared by many – is that Najib is cementing his sinking reputation as a weak leader! No different from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his predecessor.

I cannot figure out what Najib stands for anymore! One time, he talks about economic reforms and the next opportune moment, he returns to the safe embrace of the New Economic Policy, and maintaining a very undignified silence when the likes of Perkasa walloped him over his policies. The same with this polls panel idea – he called it a “sincere offer” but in the next instance, he said elections need not wait for the panel. It is clear that Najib is insincere!

Najib – you just wait – we will show you at the polls how much we trust you!

Liverpool picked up their first win of the season as the Gunners went down to ten men and losing 0-2 in the process.

Even though the Reds controlled a depleted Arsenal throughout the game but they had to wait till the latter’s Emmanuel Frimpong was sent off in the 70th min before they could push on and take the lead. The introduction of Luis Suarez and Raul Meireles in the 71st minute gave Liverpool a more attacking edge and they opened the scoring in the 77th minute due to an own goal (Aaron Ramsey) which Suarez had a lot to do with. The win was then sealed with a Suarez tap in (90).

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