Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Throw the Book at MACC

At the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting this evening, I delivered my CC speech # 10 Inspire Your Audience titled “The Fear Factor” – this is my fourth round – and in the process contributing half-a-point to the club. The audience learnt about my five phobias. Autophobia (fear of being alone); thanatophobia (fear of dying); gynophobia (fear of women); glossophobia (fear of public speaking) and including victorophobia (fear of winning) – the last term was actually coined by me there and then as I spoke. It was an interesting speech and of course, it was well-received. I was even voted Best Speaker. But Chrristine Ngiam was my evaluator and I knew I could expect her to cross her t’s and dot her i’s. She was meticulous and thorough in her feedback as only a good evaluator would. Whilst she agreed it was a well-delivered speech, she opined that my speech was more entertaining than inspiring. I do not necessarily disagree with her but I am also of the view that even if a speech was given the light-hearted treatment, it can still inspire. Still she was right that I evoked humor and not emotions!

And yes, sigh! I am still marking exam scripts! Poor me!

Nazri Aziz’s (left) version of the RCI report was a distortion of facts that sketched Teoh Beng Hock as a disconsolate figure and a "weak character" who was intoxicated with quiet guilt that caused him to end his sorry life. At least that is what they want us to believe.

But, if you had cared to read the full RCI report, you will know that the MACC is the guilty party. The straightforward conclusion regarding Teoh’s demise was a mischievous exercise in daring deception.

And Hishammuddin Hashim, the then deputy director for Selangor and his officers Arman Alies and Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus were culpable in the interrogation of Teoh. The trio should be punished. Charge them for abetment of suicide under Section 306 of the Penal Code, or as DAP's Gobind Singh Deo suggested, cite them under Section 304A of the Penal Code for culpable homicide.

Two others, Bulkini Paharuddin and Raymond Nion anak John Timban were guilty of giving false testimony in court proceedings, punishable with up to seven years imprisonment under Section 193 of the Penal Code.

The Attorney-General must throw the book at them! He must act now before Malaysians lose all respect for the government and their institutions! These MACC miscreants must not go scot-free.

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