Saturday, July 30, 2011

PSM 6 Freed

Hip, hip, hooray! The PSM 6 were freed unconditionally on July 29 at 5:30 PM - after 28 days of detention.

And Najib Razak had the cheek to make the outlandish claim that the release order had been in accordance with the rule of law and that the decision had been made by the police based on their judgment and goodwill (Star, July 30, 2011, p 01). He was crapping again. He still didn’t get it that Malaysians are not going to fall for his falsehoods. There is no rule of law in Bolehland. And the police take instructions very well; they are obedient.

Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar asserted that the order to release all Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) detainees had been a political decision. “It was not because the police came to their senses or they became honest and professional. They were not,” he said. He insisted that the police were bent on keeping the PSM 6 detained as a way to scare other Malaysians from voicing their dissent.

Dr Jeyakumar even gave a backhanded compliment to Najib, adding that the latter had made a “smart move” to allow the release of the six before things worsened for the BN government. Of course, Najib did the smart thing – his political survival is hanging on a thread. Pakatan Rakyat are poised to challenge him. Enlightened Malaysians desperately want to boot him out. And I am not counting the forces within UMNO who are sharpening their knives. Muhyiddin is just waiting to pounce. Mukhriz is plotting. Mahathir is smirking. KJ is weighing his options. Pak Lah is err... sleeping.

Najib is reaching a cul-de-sac. The end is near. And Najib knows it.

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