Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prawn-eating Feat

Today’s lunch was a pretty decent affair at the Atrium in the Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel. Eleven faculty members from SUBS (i.e. Sunway University Business School) were rewarded with this meal because we mercifully endured the 3-day Outcome-based Curriculum Design workshop. Colleague and friend Madeline Tan made an impression with diners when she showed off her awe-inspiring talent of snacking 46 succulent prawns in one sitting. I used the ‘snacking’ word intentionally because she confided that she could easily polish off 70 prawns. In fact, the fresh seafood section was devoid of prawns for the better part of one hour and patrons were irked by their absence. I could see that they were puzzled – the oysters and mussels kept their places but the crustaceans kept dropping out of sight.

Of course we knew better because we could see where the prawns were headed to. I whooped and I hurrahed as I marveled at Madeline’s skill to de-shell a prawn, lance it with her fork and delicately put it in her mouth for that final act of mastication – in 60 seconds or less. It was a momentous accomplishment so much so that another colleague and also friend, Dr Nagiah Ramasamy captured this remarkable feat on camera – see how happy Madeline is!

In the evening, I weaved through clogged city traffic to attend the AmBank Group Toastmasters meeting. Ahmad Fakhri had arranged for me to be the General Evaluator. And I must say I was glad to do it because this club impressed me. The members were eagerly enthusiastic and both speeches and evaluations were generally well done. For an in-house club, attendance was good – there were nineteen of us who attended and four were guests, including Gayathry Bala Krishnan, Area P5 Governor who presided over the installation of office bearers. This club deserves praise. I am happy to award an 8 out of a 10.

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