Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get Smart Lah!

It is public knowledge that the Malaysian police are not very smart. If you had been following the Bersih happenings, you would have heard the IGP preaching pretentious prattle every opportunity he gets. And if you think that’s a lot of poppycock – wait till you hear what Acting KL police chief Amar Singh Ishar Singh was reported to have said regarding the so-called weapon stashes discovered by police on the July 04 morning, after being tipped off by members of the public – that the find suggests that Bersih supporters are planning to use the weapons during this weekend’s planned rally. And how did this upstanding officer came to this intelligent conclusion?

“This is what we see. From the facts of it, from the surface of it, it looks like [the weapons] will be used by them [Bersih] for the rally and procession,” he had revealed to reporters gathered at the Kuala Lumpur contingent police headquarters. “You can see, the T-shirts are there. You can see Molotov cocktails have been set up and also weapons to be used. So, it clearly shows, on the surface of it, to be used during the rally”.

Also, witnesses reportedly saw three masked men wearing white skullcaps in a silver Waja throwing a plastic bag behind some flowerpots outside KL’s Pertama Kompleks, which is near to Sogo – one of three assembly points for the Bersih rally, along with Dataran Merdeka and Kampung Baru Mosque.

So the police cleverly connected all the dots – Bersih T-shirts, weapons, illegal rally, Sogo – and Io and behold, they put the blame on Bersih! Why not Perkasa? Didn’t they swear violence? Why not UMNO Youth? Didn’t they threaten to torch the PKR HQ? Why not Mohd Ali Rustam? Didn’t he vow that his silat members will disrupt the rally? Why not anybody else but Bersih? Why must Bersih be singled out? Didn't they promise a peaceful rally? Really, if the police can simply make deductions like this – I fear them much more!

Aiyoh, stop being stupid! I am already smelling a rat! Amar Singh’s nose must be blocked, that’s why. Poor man!

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