Friday, July 22, 2011

Najib Cancels Italian Vacation

I was at Bandar Pusat Damansara to attend a HELP University College Toastmasters Club event this evening. I officiated the installation of their new executive committee and I was mighty glad to see Area Governors G1 & G4 (Lucky and Thiagarajah) also present to give support. Even Division G Governor, Rohijas Sharif came. A fabulous evening because everything was fantastic: the people, the food, the energy and even the serious stuff, i.e. the installation! The only hiccup was the missing gavel! As I have said, it was a fun evening and let’s not forget too that this was entirely organized by HELP students.

I had a good laugh when I read that prime minister Najib Razak – who returned today from working visits to Turkmenistan, the UK and the Vatican – had publicly thanked his wife Rosmah Mansor for agreeing to cancel his family's week-long Italian holiday "for the sake of Malaysians back home".

Already it has been reported in Parliament that the government had spent more than RM17 million for trips made by the couple since 2008, with one-third of the amount being spent in the first six months of this year alone. It was also revealed that RM134,317.76 was spent to cover Rosmah's expenses during her January 2011 trip to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bangladesh, following criticism that she had spent RM140,000 for an overnight stay at Dubai's luxury hotel Atlantis (Harakah Daily, posted July 22, 2011).

Najib was quoted as saying by Bernama: “I told my family I felt that I should return to Malaysia…” I am sure some Malaysians will feel very comforted that Najib put the people’s interests at heart – this master of BS surely deserves an Oscar for his extraordinary ability to tug at their heartstrings! For those of us who saw through this charade, it is obvious that all is not well in Putrajaya!

And talking about Najib and his consort’s extravagant expenses – it reminds me of Rosmah’s immoderate indulgence for everything that smacks of sinful luxury. Yes, this includes that other news about the alleged purchase of a massive designer diamond ring identified as a 'Natural Fancy Blue Gray Cushion Cut Diamond Ring' in April of this year at a whopping price of $24 million (RM73.48 million), with a blog “Milo Suam” even publishing a screenshot of a customs declaration.

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