Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Najib and the Pope

On Monday, Najib Razak went to the Vatican City to call on Pope Benedict XVI. According to the Star today, after years of pondering and dithering, Malaysia has made a firm decision to establish diplomatic relations with the Holy See. I would question Najib’s timing. It is obvious to Malaysians that he desperately wants to win electoral support from the Catholics in the country. After all, the Catholic community in Malaysia makes up the largest group of Christians in the country – about 9% of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Christian, with Catholics numbering about 850,000.

Anyway, Malaysians are not easily taken in by this false gesture of insincere hypocrisy! On the same day too, I read that a group of 365 Catholics and other Christians in Malaysia have sent a letter to the Pope expressing their disquiet over Najib’s visit. The letter highlighted concerns about the lack of democratic rights and religious freedom in Malaysia to enable the Pope to “understand more critically and comprehensively the political and social realities” lest the pontiff is “presented with a one-sided view of developments” in the country.

The signatories pointed out that there had been curbs to freedom of religion despite this fundamental human right being guaranteed in the Malaysian Constitution. They also expressed their suspicion that there could be a hidden political agenda to win electoral support among the Christians of Sabah and Sarawak especially through this visit to the Vatican.

It is also regrettable that the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Murphy Pakiam (left) chose to be a member of Najib’s delegation. It is improper for him to ally himself with Najib when the Christian issues have not been satisfactorily resolved. Verily, I am sad that this Christian is gladly going to bed with a leader who speaks with a forked tongue. Shame on you, Pakiam!

Oh yeah, Rosmah’s inflated ego must have rubbed onto Najib. If you check out the photo above, you cannot help but notice that Najib had presented a “Najib” book to the Pope. How vain! How cocky! How conceited!

A more appropriate gift to the Pope would be the Malay Bible. Especially with the KDN chop on it – it’s a real collector’s item, is it not? He will then have demonstrated to the Pope how he treats the Christians in Malaysia. Disrespectfully.

And whatever happened to malevolent Ibrahim Ali and the venomous rogues at Utusan Malaysia? Not a cursed growl, gnarl or snarl from them about this diplomatic initiative by Najib! Doesn't this prove that they are at Najib's beck and call? On this one occasion, Najib has put them on a tight leash! All I can say is that Najib is deviously manipulative.

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