Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Day After

BN’s print media blasted Bersih 2.0 for the helter-skelter in KL yesterday, and even sang praises to the cops. On the other hand, international news coverage of the Bersih affair showed the world armed police personnel launching tear gas and chemically-laced water into thousands of unarmed civilians. It was the same in 2007 when Bersih first marched.

Najib Razak glibly said yesterday: “I wish to congratulate the security forces, especially the police, who acted to disperse the assembly in the best way and I hope what happened today will be a lesson to the citizens of Malaysia”. What he meant was that he will not tolerate freedom of assembly nor permit freedom of expression and that he will again let loose the police if Malaysians refuse to obey and submit to his government’s wish(es). This is the lesson he was referring to. Malaysia can no longer claim to be a working democracy.

Today, Najib ridiculed and dismissed the impact of yesterday’s Bersih rally, declaring that UMNO was not afraid of fair elections.

In a fiery speech in front of 6,000 UMNO members, Malay NGOs and martial arts (silat) groups, the prime minister mocked the Bersih 2.0 turnout, claiming that UMNO would have outnumbered Bersih if they had wanted to protest on the streets.

“Don’t doubt our strength. UMNO has three million members. If we gather one million members, it is more than enough. We can conquer Kuala Lumpur"! There he goes again, threatening Malaysians. Najib is making me puke!

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