Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Timely Intervention

I was at WIM in TTDI last evening to attend the Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club meeting as the General Evaluator. This was an eye-opening experience because the meeting was conducted in two languages, English and Mandarin. It was really up to the respective speakers to decide which of the two languages to use when communicating. So yesterday, I “listened” to four speeches – three in Mandarin and one in English. Actually, I could understand very little Mandarin but it was important to look interested and I even tried to read body language so that I could say something later about these speakers and evaluators during my feedback session. A challenging meeting for me, that's for sure!

Smart-ass Hishammuddin has declared Bersih illegal. Even so, the King’s appeal-cum-intervention compelled Najib to permit Bersih 2.0 to hold their July 09 rally in a stadium. This is a confusing development, isn’t it? If something is wrong, then it is wrong. No two ways about it. But if something that is wrong is now accepted – then it was a frivolous act in the first place when they alleged it was wrong!? Get it? There was way too much seriocomedy from these BN clowns. Sorry, I didn’t mean to disparage clowns but these imbeciles are just too much lah!

More importantly, Najib and his fascist apparatus must abrogate Bersih’s ‘illegal’ status, release all those detained for Bersih activities, return all Bersih possessions that were confiscated and make a public apology for slandering Ambiga. Then only can the slate be wiped clean for Bersih to sit down for a dialogue with Najib and his goons.

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