Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Cowardly Star

Nine Toastmasters attended the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting yesterday. Although we were small in numbers, it was still a good meeting. I delivered CC speech # 3 titled “The Joy of Speaking” and my evaluator was a first-timer, UEM’s Rahayu Rais. In my books, this meeting has earned a score of 7 out of a 10.

This is interesting. A poll on the July 09 Bersih rally by the Star's online edition has disappeared after registering nearly one million responses. The question on the poll reads: "What is your view on the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9?" to which 99 percent of the respondents chose the answer “It should be allowed to go on”, as opposed to the remaining option, “It should be cancelled”. The result showed that 99% of respondents were in support of this rally.

According to Harakah Daily today, at press time (i.e. 5:25 PM), not only the question has been reverted to an earlier poll about Ron95 petrol purchase by foreign-registered cars, its result was also missing from its archives. Earlier, the result page for the poll showed a page with the message "Record not found".

I now know that the Star editors are just worth their weight in chickenshit seeing how cowardly they are! But then again, they take after the MCA. What do you expect?

The number of respondents is possibly the highest recorded by any online poll conducted by the online edition of the Star, which boasts of the highest number of visitors among other mainstream dailies with internet presence. The poll result clearly demonstrates how much Malaysians yearn for free and fair elections!

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