Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parenting Gen Y and Z

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ahmad Fakhri and wife, Jamilah Samian (both are members of MIMKL Toastmasters Club) have published a book titled “The Groovy Guide to Parenting Gen Y and Z”. It should be out at MPH bookstores in about two weeks’ time, according to Ahmad.

The book promotes a different parenting approach – certainly dissimilar to that of our parents’ parenting style. As Ahmad explains “The reason why there is a tendency to follow our parents' parenting style is because our parents experimented on us, we turned out fine therefore it must be the right thing to do. But do not forget that the outside world also influences our children. That element is something you cannot ignore”.

Right-wing group Perkasa declared Saturday that Malaysia can only have peace and political stability under a Malay-majority government. I wonder. Does this mean that Penang which is DAP-governed is not peaceful?

Utusan Malaysia, also another rabble-rouser, carried a front-page article on the same day titled “Christianity official religion?” (Kristian agama rasmi?), based entirely on some blog postings by pro-UMNO bloggers. The latter had charged the DAP with sedition for meeting up with Christian pastors in Penang purportedly to discuss making Christianity the official religion of the country. How wretchedly low-down can these despicable bloggers be? Perhaps, anthropologists should take note of the existence of this new species of “humans” in this country – these cretins disguised in human-form are totally brainless. And these dumbbells are posing a danger to Malaysian society because they can infect unsuspecting people with their lunatic idiocy. And you know how trusting Malaysians are!?!?

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