Friday, May 20, 2011

Insincerity Speaks at Oxford

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s speech on May 16 at the Oxford Islamic Centre, entitled 'The Coalition of the Moderates and Inter-civilisational Understanding' was well-crafted but sadly, it rang hollow. It was also full of irony. He explained that “in Malaysia, Islam is synonymous with moderation, inclusiveness and good governance” – and even as he spoke, his ballooning insincerity was being noticeably stretched to the agonizing limits of tolerable endurance. This is because the country continues to hear Perkasa war drums thumping the all-too-familiar beat of the supremacy of Malay-Muslim rights. And still Najib is too cowardly to put a stop to Ibrahim Ali’s inflammatory bombast. Or Najib is not too bothered at all to do anything because his political agenda requires him to play off the Malay-Muslim populace against the other races and religions.

Whatever Najib’s motive(s), the idea is to keep the Malay vote within UMNO; otherwise the party leadership, already stained by greed and tainted by corruption, shall be cruelly exposed and then they will be put to the sword for betraying the very Malays they are sworn to serve. Perhaps, I could arrange for these self-serving UMNO politicians to attend my Leadership class and learn about “servant leadership”.

It doesn’t really matter who we are because if we peel away our skins of different colors and strip ourselves from the hegemony of false religion – we will discover that beneath the diaphanous exterior, we are all Malaysians. Once we have opened our eyes, we will know we cannot count on Najib or trust UMNO. Only then can we begin to fulfill our true potential as Malaysians! Isn’t this something to really look forward to?

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