Monday, May 2, 2011

Hadi's Response to Najib's Invite

Following the call by Najib Razak for PAS to abandon Pakatan Rakyat, indirectly renewing his invitation to PAS to join BN, PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang made a counter offer: That UMNO members and leaders join the Islamic party if they were really serious in implementing Islam and establish justice for people of all races in the country. Hadi also reiterated there was no question of PAS leaving the PR coalition.

“Our conscience is clear, and our cooperation in PR is based on the policy of mutual cooperation in establishing justice and fighting injustice," said Hadi. Saying PAS was committed to PR, he warned of any attempt to create a 'dangerous dichotomy' of Malay-dominant government on one side and Chinese-dominant opposition in the other.

"It is catastrophic to have a dichotomy of a Malay government on one side, and a Chinese-dominant opposition on the other. We would like to reiterate our total rejection to such an arrangement and will not be a party to it (Webpage, posted May 01, 2011).

Well said, Hadi. This should reassure doubting PR members who still have lingering suspicions about PAS loyalty to the PR cause.

Arsenal blew the EPL title race wide open as leaders Manchester United were deservedly beaten 0-1. It was an Aaron Ramsey goal at fifty-six minutes – proving to the naysayers that the Gunners have still got what it takes to win. Unfortunately, it was a win that has probably come too late to revive Arsenal's own title aspirations.

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