Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Drug Pusher

Yesterday’s Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting was an exhilarating exercise of energetic proportions. Nobody should be surprised because that is how our meetings are played out every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. What’s more, I was the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening and so, I can be counted upon to supply pulsating currents of exuberant excitement, thereby ensuring that the meeting stayed on an extravagant high. With me around, even the dead will wake up, I reckon. But happiness came when two of our long-lost members, Wooi Hong and Kelvin turned up after a long absence. It was good to see them again!

I find it odd that of all people, it is Najib Razak who described subsidies as being akin to "opium". After all, who has been feeding subsidies to the people all this while? Answer: The government. Najib should know better! He has been a part of the government since 1978. It is the government that makes Malaysians subsidy-dependent. So it is only fair to label the BN government as a "drug pusher" for sustaining us with "opium" for so long. As DAP’s Tony Pua (above) explains, the reason why the government has so readily made us addicted to subsidies is to mask the fact that the Malaysian economy has been unable to grow at the necessary pace and competitiveness. As a result the people are unable to increase their income at a pace faster than the rapidly rising cost of living. This shifty scheming by the surreptitious BN government is to keep the general populace in an artificial state of bliss and ignorance that Malaysians are stuck in a middle income trap and rising income inequality. I cannot help but agree with Pua’s assessment.

I read in the Star yesterday that Arsene Wenger has shouldered responsibility for Arsenal’s slide down to fourth in the English Premier League (p 57). It’s good to hear that he knows it is his fault. Now, it is important to start planning for the next season. The same goes for Liverpool. Roy Hodgson is history; Kenny Dalglish’s turn to take the club back to glory days from now on.

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