Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BN Politicizing Lynas

The Lynas protests are being politicized – Pahang menteri besar is damn right to make this claim! But contrary to some misguided beliefs, it was not Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh who is politicizing this issue even if she is spearheading the anti-Lynas movement. It is purely a public health and safety issue; it’s as simple as that. But BN started making it political – they organized a pro-Lynas group to counter the anti-Lynas group. And just check out the photo below and read what the banner says! Just how mindless can these people be? It tells you rightaway that some Malaysians have feces in their brains!

Trusting the state BN government is one thing provided this trust is not misplaced. But are those pro-Lynas demonstrators confident that Lynas won’t bring dire consequences to Kuantan residents? Are they prepared to move next door to Lynas Advanced Materials Plant? Will they still move to Gebeng even if Adnan Yaakob stays put somewhere else?

But what is really upsetting is the distressing fact that a mammoth project of this size (RM700 million) was bulldozed through all the stages of approval by all the agencies involved and the venture was given the go-ahead without the simple decency of informing the people who will be affected by it. It was a hush-hush scheme that was initiated and approved under a clandestine cloak of surreptitious secrecy and the residents of Kuantan awoke one fine morning to find the alarming threat of radiation at their doorsteps! If I was one of them, I too would be spooked!

Even China has realized that they have to curb their addiction to plastic and so the country – according to the Star newspaper (May 30, 2011, p 40) – is expanding the ban on free plastic bags in a bid to rid China of ‘white pollution” that is clogging waterways, farms and fields.

The official Xinhua news agency announced that bookstores and pharmacies nationwide will soon be forbidden to give out free plastic bags, joining the ranks of supermarkets that have had to charge for shopping bags since June 01, 2008.

Around three billion plastic bags were used daily in China before this 2008 ban. Since then, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country’s citizens have used at least 24 billion fewer plastic bags every year. And Dong Jinshi, vice chairperson of the International Food Packaging Association in Beijing, said late last year that as many as 100 billion plastic shopping bags may have been kept out of landfills as a result of the law. It’s nice to know that even China – supposedly the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter and which has some of the world’s worst water and air pollution after more than 30 years of non-stop phenomenal growth that triggered widespread environmental damage – is doing something positive for the long-suffering and much-abused planet!

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