Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utusan Race Rhetoric

I was at the Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I was an evaluator for an Advanced speaker, and I was elated to hear him speak so well. But the other speakers were regrettably not even close to being good – their speeches were liberally peppered with grammatical faux pas and mispronunciation. I suppose two of them should be excused since they were making their maiden speeches. The other disappointment was that Jay Vee, who was the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening wasn’t her usual bubbly self – her get-up-and-go energy was manifestly missing!

This morning, I read about two clowns trying to score political points. First was Muhyiddin who broadly hinted that Utusan (who mooted the ‘1Malays, 1Bumis’ race rhetoric) represents the views of the Malays. And as if to mock the Chinese – well, some Chinese, according to this big-mouth himself – he further commented that “…some Chinese don’t know the feelings of Malays… the Malays know the feelings of Chinese” (The Sun, April 26, 2011, p 01, lines 42-44).

And second, The Malaysian Insider had Chua Soi Lek insisting that Utusan Malaysia does not represent all Malays. Chua too, tried to pour cold water over Utusan by offering a rejoinder: “Utusan does not even have the same circulation as The Star even though there are more Malays. We never say that The Star represents the voice of the Chinese,” he said of the leading English daily that is owned by MCA.

As I have said – it’s merely wordplay by two dim-witted dorks. Anyway, there are two interesting side-issues arising from the clownish repartee of the two politicians.

Chua had made the statement – in the same report – that “Utusan is not an official government paper even though it is majority owned by UMNO. The prime minister has already said that it does not reflect BN’s stance.” Of course, if you read what Najib had actually said, it was just doublespeak. Najib wasn’t actually disavowing the Malay-Bumi buffoonery – he cleverly said it was not reflective of BN’s stand; it is just that he had intentionally avoided not mentioning that it was UMNO’s stand!

And Perkasa patron Mahathir Mohamad had spoken out against the Utusan idea, saying it would be “disastrous” if it came to fruition. I sure hope he knows the meaning of this word. Yet, as the photo shows, Perkasa members were quick to take up the gauntlet to protest against the whining MCA:

Oh by the way, some say this ‘1Malay, 1Bumi’ ideology propagated by Utusan-UMNO is a direct challenge to Najib’s 1Malaysia! It’s akin to giving Najib a slap in the face. In reality, it is a sandiwara (playacting) because Najib too, doesn’t really believe in 1Malaysia. Otherwise, why would he allow so much racist hypebole to flourish?

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