Friday, April 1, 2011

RCI Revelations 2

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Teoh Beng Hock’s death revealed the following:
British forensic expert Professor Dr Peter Vanezis said there was a possibility the political aide had sustained a few pre-fall injuries. "I cannot rule out the possibility that in isolation, there may have been one or two blows which could have caused light bruising," said Dr Vanezis. However, added the pathologist, the bruises found on Teoh's neck and chest regions as well as the hairline fracture to his skull were not obvious enough to indicate the political aide had indeed been beaten (Webpage, posted March 29, 2011). I cannot stress enough the word 'possibility'. If it is possible that Teoh did suffer pre-fall injuries, then we cannot discount them. If Teoh's contusions could possibly be due to him being pummeled, then, we cannot disregard them too.

The possibility cannot be denied especially when it has now been confirmed that MACC officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus (left) had been positively identified in 13 police identification parades for alleged use of force during questioning. Commissioner Professor Mohamed Hatta Shaharom commented it was of great concern that a single officer who had been identified 13 times for using force was still allowed to remain in the MACC (Webpage, posted March 31, 2011). I will not raise eyebrows if Teoh did indeed endure a torrid time at the hands of this “violent” individual. Will you honestly believe Ashraf if he tells you he is using only kid gloves on Teoh?

And just to make you more disgusted with this Mohd Ashraf – soon after helping another colleague interrogate Teoh – he was relaxing and watching smut on his office computer at about 1.20 AM on July 16, 2009 (ibid). Perhaps, this fellow needed to get a hard-on to feel good about himself after he was done with Teoh? Is it any wonder why our Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein sees it fit not to arrest the Datuk T trio for promoting smut? (For this particular story, read my posting "Visit Malaysia Promo" dated March 26, 2011). One cannot blame Malaysians for thinking that government officers and even a certain eminent group of select individuals (e.g. senior media people) are privileged to be able to watch porn without fear of arrest. With both MACC and PDRM under the Home Ministry, are you really surprised?

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