Monday, April 25, 2011

Fear Not the Bloggers

Najib Razak has made it very clear that “the government does not fear bloggers” (The Sun, April 25, 2011, p 02). He was delivering a keynote address at the First Malaysia-Asean Regional Bloggers’ Conference yesterday. With Mahathir Mohamad as Blog House Malaysia patron gracing this occasion – it will be interesting to know who were the Malaysian bloggers in attendance. Certainly, you won’t find the likes of Antares, Khoo Kay Peng, Patrick Teoh, Art Harun, Anil Netto and others there!

Furthermore, Najib affirms, no Internet censorship. Is it really true? Can he be trusted? Why don’t I believe him? So far, most of us get along okay – this is reassuring but for how long?

Arsenal's Premier League title challenge is all but over after Tamir Cohen's last-minute header secured Bolton a 2-1 victory. Arsene Wenger must be held accountable.

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