Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Idris Should Quit

In the space of just two days, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has declared that Idris Jala’s 10-point “solution” was not final (Webpage http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/hisham-says-alkitab-decision-not-finalised/, posted April 04, 2011). What everyone thought was a way forward – granted it was recognized to be despairingly defective – is now merely a proposal. Between Idris (left) and Hishammuddin, who would you believe? Really, who is credible? The former is a pigeon, a mouthpiece, a junior minister, a Minister without Portfolio whilst the latter is the powerful Home Minister.

The government have so far shown themselves to be afflicted with arrogance, insincerity, dishonesty and stupidity. Just this issue alone, double-talk is resonating very loudly in Christian ears. If Idris has any Christian decency left in him, he should just quit his government post. But I digress. The Malaysian Christian community should know by now that there will be no done deal for as long as BN is in power. Christians, hold true to your beliefs and do what is right when you have the ballot paper in hand! Christians should not need to beg for their constitutional right to freely practice their religion.

After spending RM6.7 billion (1.34 billion euros) on two Scorpene submarines, deputy minister of Defence Abdul Latif has revealed on Wednesday that Malaysia would now need an additional RM50 million of tax­payers’ money to maintain the two submarines annually so that the two-unit fleet will be fully operational. This is a sheer waste of public funds. This is extravagance that we don’t need to show. This is the government’s overindulgent spending that smacks of lavish profligacy. The country doesn’t need submarines. We never did. They were purchased because they make Najib, the then Defence Minister – who was already dripping with pleionosis – look a wee bit more intelligent. And I have yet to even mention the rumoured kickbacks that greased this deal. We are going to spend RM300 million over a 6-year period just to keep Najib’s toys afloat during this period!

The country is of course, spending money that we can ill-afford! Moreover, military spending is not easy on the pocketbook. Just to illustrate: Malaysia’s government debt for 2009 rose to RM362.39 billion or 53.7 percent of GDP, their highest level in 5 years, according to the Auditor-General’s report released on October 25, 2010 (Webpage http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/print/malaysia/government-debt-in-2009-more-than-50pc-of-gdp-says-audit/). The submarines are a continuing “investment” that is sure to keep draining our coffers. I know it’s no use crying over spilled milk, but I cannot help but highlight Najib’s “prudence” in spending our money!

And the Minister also mentioned that the two submarines will make a nationwide tour to all ports in Malaysia for the public to view and to promote the subs. This is a frivolous suggestion from a minister who is in all likelihood, brain-dead! These subs are not, I repeat, toys and they are definitely not for pleasure rides either. The expenditures involved will be excessively expensive. Why do we have ministers who suffer from sophomania?

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