Thursday, April 14, 2011

Costly Sarawak Election

A closer-than-expected Sarawak election is costing the BN more than RM500 million in the run up to polling this Saturday, say ruling coalition officials and reported by The Malaysian Insider (April 14, 2011).

Sarawak DAP chief Wong Ho Leng said that the onslaught had already begun during the campaign kick-off with allowances of RM300 offered for each vote. The incumbent for Bukit Assek said voters in each of the 15 DAP-contested seat had been given RM100 each and promised a further RM200 after polling day on Saturday. “As long as you provide them a photocopied MyKad to prove that you are a registered voter, you will get it.

“This is our only worry now.... how money politics will play out,” he said. The Malaysian Insider understands that funds are being used in marginal seats where PR candidates are putting up a strong fight.

BN is desperate to win at all costs. In another report today, Muhyiddin Yassin already appeared confident that Sarawak was in the bag for BN. In the end, it is entirely up to Sarawak voters to decide who they want. Their future is in their own hands.

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