Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cheap, cheap, cheap

On April 01, 2011, I wrote about iPad and iPhone promotions – nope, it was not an April Fools’ joke. Rather these are paper product offerings for the Qing Ming festival. Today, the New Sunday Times featured a news story (p 10) where phones are sold for RM15. Mind you, these are the real stuff and they are available right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – a place called Pasar Karat, located along the back alleys between Petaling Street and Jalan Sultan.

Here, peddlers offer a variety of products to customers from as early as 6 AM. Most of the products, sold at very low prices, are snapped up almost immediately. About four hours later, peddlers will abruptly pack up their wares and disappear. The reason for their clandestine trading? Many of the items sold are stolen goods. The rest are used or second-hand items.

Apparently, some people have bought 29-inch LCD television sets, the latest iPods, Nokia handphones and even iPads (the newspaper had mentioned RM350 as an indicative price). The traders who sell handphones have a wide range of choices with prices starting from as low as RM15 to RM100 each, depending on the model and condition.

According to a trader, the market was started more than 30 over years ago by a family of thieves and is, today, allegedly operated by a syndicate that collects a fee from each vendor.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Zulkifli Abdullah said it was not true that the police have not done anything. Hmmm, who is the public going to believe? These vendors are selling openly that even the newspaper can report on it and put this telling photo on page 1:

The grudge match between Celtic and Rangers ended in a scoreless draw. The SPL title race remains very close but Celtic will win the title if they win all five of their remaining fixtures. I reckon that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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