Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hiding Behind Bushes

The Malaysian Insider yesterday carried the promise by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar that “traffic police will not be hiding behind bushes anymore to trap speeding motorists”. Or behind trees or billboards for that matter. Instead motorists will be warned about speed traps.

Well, this is the most sensible thing to have come from the police in a long, long time. Why hide if you are doing something right, right? I mean, there should not be anything to hide when you are enforcing the law, right? When you hide to entrap speeding motorists, does it serve to educate the guilty ones? Shouldn’t we be looking at another approach other than to punish? Besides, what is the purpose of having the speed trap? Is it for accident prevention? Or is it about catching the speed demons on our roads? Or maybe we want to impress the public that the police are doing a magnificent job – after all in that same news article, since September 2009, police have issued summonses to over 2.5 million motorists, mainly through speed traps and speed cameras?

Maxi Rodriguez was the hero of this EPL match when he scored a hat-trick as Liverpool kept up their pursuit of a Europa League place by hammering Birmingham 5-0. The Reds took control with two first-half goals, both neat close-range finishes from Rodriguez (7) and Dirk Kuyt (23). The third goal came when Luis Suarez advancing down the right, he picked out Maxi at the far post for a straight-forward volleyed finish (66). Ostensibly dissatisfied with just killing the game, Maxi then sealed his hat-trick with a low drive (73) and substitute Joe Cole added the flourish with a shot that snuck in (86).

As Phil Dawkes wrote in BBC Sport: “The result is a testimony to the optimism around Anfield these days, in stark contrast to the on and off-field gloom that characterized the respective reigns of former manager Roy Hodgson and ex-owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks”. Yes, there is vibrancy about Liverpool’s play under Kenny Dalglish.

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