Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visit Malaysia Promo

Malaysia’s Tourism Ministry is aggressively targeting 25 million tourists to visit the country this year (compared with 24 million in 2010) and RM60 billion in tourist receipts (Blogpage, posted February 07, 2011). Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen said in order to achieve the target, her ministry will continue efforts to woo more visitors to visit Malaysia. I have an excellent suggestion for her – she could promote Malaysia as a destination where tourists can consort with locals and become overnight film stars! Isn’t this a marvelous marketing idea? The latest video making the headlines in Malaysia supposedly showed an East Asian woman engaging in a sexual act that has brought her and her partner instant fame, or rather, notoriety. By the way, I had refrained from using the word ‘prostitute’ as some media did. It is negligent on the part of the media to assume any woman sleeping with a man is a prostitute. And even if she is – if it can be properly established, that is – I am sure she came in on a tourist visa! She helps make up Yen Yen’s tourist numbers wad! So Yen Yen can encourage women – whether from East Asia or elsewhere – to visit Malaysia – this can be a good selling point for the country! Visit Malaysia and Find Instant Fame! What’s more, these women – if they are those sort of women – can even be gainfully employed without the bureaucratic hassles of a work permit! And when these women do come on this promotion, we can put them up in participating hotels where certain rooms have been equipped with hidden video cameras. As we have read in the papers – so far as I am aware of – two hotels are participating – one in Batu Pahat, Johore and the other in KL.

It would seem that Malaysians are so starved of entertainment that even a video of two people purportedly engaging in a sex act – assuming it was sex – have created a frenetic flurry of energetic excitement amongst the media, politicians and the public in general. I say it is an assumption because I did not view the video tape – for all you know, it might just show a naked couple sharing a book together in bed! Yes, the mainstream papers have all reported about this sexual tryst but I don’t quite believe them! They are so easily fixated about news that put down other people, especially those from the opposition. And they do get easily riled up for something as mundane as having sex – again, I am assuming the two people in the tape were really having sex.

Okay, even if it involves an opposition politician – so what? It’s not as if a sexual act is something out of the ordinary! Remember MCA’s Chua Soi Lek, the former Minister of Health who in 2008, confessed to having sex with a personal friend in Batu Pahat and there was even a video recording to confirm his carnal coup? And Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, a former Malacca Chief Minister who in 1994 was accused of having sex with a minor, which under Malaysian law constitutes statutory rape? What about the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament, MIC’s DP Vijandran – way back before there was even VCD – who had to battle allegations that he was famously featured in pornographic video tapes in 1989? Worse, the then Attorney-General Abu Talib Othman had admitted to ordering the police to destroy 11 video tapes and four envelopes containing photographs and negatives belonging to Vijandran – fueling allegations of a cover-up.

Of course, I cannot avoid not mentioning Anwar Ibrahim because there were many inferences being made that he was the alleged person in the sex video clip. But when the three unsavory characters (Abdul Rahim – see photo above – an alleged rapist, Shuib Lazim, the Treasurer of the firebrand Perkasa and Shazryl Eskay who, by association with the first two, has revealed himself to be a malefactor) exposed this video – it does look like a staged political event that had ‘cheap’ and ‘garish’ written all over it. Yes, it was tasteless, tawdry and tacky.

Even Ummi Hafilda (I wrote about this cursed abomination on March 03, 2011 in this blog), who has accused Anwar of sexual misconduct over the past 13 years, couldn’t resist the temptation of getting into the act when she claimed that there are 18 more sex videos of Anwar. It does paint Anwar to be an indomitable sex-machine! Already, this sex video disclosure closely follows his ongoing second sodomy criminal case.

As Anwar's wife asserted, “They say Anwar was involved with a man. Why is the video now with a woman?” Something for all of us to ponder upon?

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