Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twin By-elections

BN candidate Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad believes he was “fated by God” to contest the March 06 vote. And parading his cockiness, this wise guy had claimed that his PAS rival Hassanuddin Salim would not be able to do much even if elected as both state and federal governments are under BN!

He even has the cheek to declare: “I may be a dumb ustad but our leaders are from Barisan Nasional”. Is he saying that those in Kerdau who are going to vote for him are, in effect, dumb? Poor voters – if you are still bent on voting for this guy, you are even stupider than he believes!

This smarty pants cockiness even extends to the misplaced belief that the Chinese are returning to BN. “The Chinese want to do business so they can get money. They just want ‘ong’ (prosperity) and they know Barisan Nasional will allow them space to do business,” he had said. Again, he is stereotyping the Chinese as if for money, the Chinese will do just about anything, i.e., they will give their votes to the cursed BN. He even dismissed the community’s major swing towards PR in Election 2008 as a one-off aberration. I sure would like to see the Chinese in Kerdau repudiate these misguided claims and show Syed Ibrahim that the Chinese are nobody’s fools.

(This seat fell vacant after the death of UMNO’s Zaharuddin Abu Kassim from a heart attack on January 12, 2011).

The Merlimau by-election was called following the death of UMNO’s Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hassan on January 20. Merlimau is located within the Jasin parliamentary constituency, a BN stronghold – BN having won all the five state seats in Election 2008.

Already, somebody is engaging in dirty campaigning when banners were put up in this constituency that mocked and insulted Anwar Ibrahim, labeling him a sodomite. On Sunday, leaflets were distributed with spliced images of Anwar with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Azmin Ali’s sister, Ummi Hafilda. However deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin had suggested that the leaflets were distributed by PR to gain voter sympathy – which doesn’t make sense at all. Anwar’s ongoing sodomy trial is not something that is pleasant and certainly, not something that Anwar or his PR allies would go about publicizing. I can also suggest that it is the work of UMNO miscreants. Muhyiddin is really full of beans!

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