Thursday, March 3, 2011


I thought Merlimau is a safe UMNO seat, and so I am not sure why extreme measures are needed – but scheming UMNO is taking no chances – they brought in Ummi Hafilda Ali (this siren’s name was mentioned in my blog posting yesterday) to the stumps last night where she resumed her vitriolic attacks against Anwar Ibrahim and her elder brother Azmin (who’s also in PKR). Ummi had pledged that she will not stop until the downfall of Anwar, calling him an anti-Christ (Webpage, posted March 03, 2011) – which tells you something about her raving dementia. Prior to Election 2008, Ummi was active in addressing UMNO-organized rallies where she related her experience in exposing Anwar’s alleged sexual misconduct to Mahathir Mohamad. “When Mahathir asked me if I was willing to appear as a witness. I remember replying to him that I would for my race, country and religion,” she recounted with a conspicuous flair for the theatrical.

Anwar was later convicted for abuse of power and sodomy and was released in 2004 after the sodomy conviction was overturned by the Federal Court, but is currently on trial for allegedly sodomizing his former aide (i.e. Saiful) in 2008.

She had testified with an exaggerated impression of blood-and-thunder melodrama, “I would like to declare tonight that I am willing to lose a brother rather than destroy the 27 million of our people”. I hee-haw in raucous glee when I read this.

Ummi is a shameless vamp, a contemptuous UMNO mercenary.

But it’s not just Ummi that PR has to contend with. Lim Mun Fah in his “Dirty tactics at by-election campaigns” article in The Malaysian Insider today has also highlighted that in Merlimau, leaflets written in Chinese accuse the Chinese of being traitors to the nation were being handed out. Handbills with doctored photographs of three PR women members in explicit sexual poses were likewise being distributed. The leaflets with racial slurs are meant to create racial hatred while the ones with “sexy Pakatan Rakyat woman members” handbills are used to discredit the alternative coalition leaders. Why the underhanded tactics?
Is UMNO so desperate?

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