Sunday, March 13, 2011

Desperate George Chan Wants Bibles Freed

Open Day at Sunway University this weekend was a subdued affair. But for those of us on duty, we did the job that was expected of us. Still, in spite of the low turnout, I believe the School of Business will see at least a dozen applications.

As state polls loom, Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister George Chan quickly wants BM bibles freed (The Malaysian Insider, March 13, 2011). He knows that he is really going to feel the heat if there is no resolution soon. Recall that Sibu was captured by DAP on May 16, 2010 because over half the electorate were Christians. The Allah issue and the pending appeal against the December 31, 2009 court ruling that allowed Christians to use the term as well as reports that bibles of the Sidang Injil Borneo (Borneo Bible Assembly) had been seized, made an impact on the Christian voters. George Chan can ill-afford to see a repeat of this – SUPP might just be wiped out this time around!

Manchester United produced a clinical 2-0 win to reach the FA Cup semi-final and send Arsenal out of their third cup competition. Again, the latter followed the predictable pattern of many recent meetings with United by controlling possession for long periods but failing to take advantage. In the end, the Red Devils scored a goal in each half to shame the Gunners.

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