Sunday, March 27, 2011

Debate, Toastmasters-style

Today, Klang Bilingual Toastmasters celebrated their fifth Anniversary and organized a debate to commemorate this occasion. Two formidable teams squared off. I was the second speaker with the opposing side and I represented Taman Indrahana Toastmasters. My other team-mates included Dennis Wee (D’Utama Advanced), Vincent Hoh (Metropolitan Bilingual) and Jonathan Moh (D’Utama). The other side started with the proposition that “Leaders are made, not born” and their members were Johnson Yike (Phoenix), Lee Xi Wen (TTDI), Shirley Cheok (Klang Bilingual) and Lawrence Hoo (Speaker’s Dream).

We did our best to turn the argument on its head, but we weren’t successful. We didn’t win. I was chosen the Best Speaker of my team, if that is any consolation for me. (For the other team, the Best Speaker award went to Johnson). Oh well, at least, I got the opportunity to experience a debate, Toastmasters-style.

I discovered that my pageviews skyrocketed when my blog posting was featured in Malaysia Today! My March 25 entry on “MCA likened to an aggrieved woman” made it to their “From around the blogs” segment on the same day itself and I am a little more known now than before!

On Saturday, at Sauk, Kuala Kangsar, Nazri Aziz cautioned BN partners: “Don’t blackmail UMNO”. I really admire Nazri’s courage to issue a stern warning that UMNO will go directly to the people if any BN component parties dare threaten a boycott in the coming 13th general election. According to Free Malaysia Today, he was commenting on the alleged threat by MCA Padang Rengas division to boycott Nazri in the coming general election if he does not apologize for labeling MCA "an aggrieved wife” (Webpage Also read my blog entry dated March 25, 2011.

Maybe courage isn’t the right word. BN partners wouldn’t dare protest when UMNO talks down to them since they are so meek, docile and spineless. They certainly know their lowly place in the BN hierarchy. Actually, UMNO doesn’t need these parties – it is more the case of the other way around! The likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, etc all depend on UMNO’s benevolence to survive. They are just a zoo of zeroes. They amount to nothing.

And maybe, MCA Padang Rengas should be the ones to apologize. Or else!

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