Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day Aftermath

I sure didn’t see any sign of drunkenness today. If indeed, there were those who had imbibed in beer and other hard drinks and got themselves inebriated – they would, I assume, made it safely home in the wee hours of this morning and since today is a public holiday, they will have the whole day to sleep it off. I didn’t know about the debauchery of the fornication kind either – Malaysians are still rather prudish, so any sex that they might wish to indulge in will be behind closed doors. So I guess it was generally uneventful. Except that the morality police were very much preoccupied with their “anti-Valentine’s Day” ops. And so, it was reported, in today’s Star that eighty-eight Muslims were detained in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur for khalwat (close proximity) during the Valentine’s Day operation (p N4).

But on page N3 of the same newspaper, there was a photo of Muslim couples openly celebrating Valentine’s Day! It seems that twenty senior citizens had a roaring Valentine’s Day in a one-day train ride to Ipoh organized by KTMB. One happy passenger, Norsiah Nordin, 58, said the train ride was a romantic way of bringing her husband Ishak Abd Rahman, 61, and her closer. Does this mean that senior citizens are exempted from the Valentine’s Day ban? Funny, if this group of people was permitted to celebrate V-Day but other age-groups were forbidden. Or maybe KTMB was purposely flouting JAKIM and enticing Muslim couples who didn't know any better that this insidious "Christian" celebration will soon be corrupting them? And the Star should be penalized for commemorating this occasion, knowing that Islamic authorities were up in arms against Muslims celebrating Valentine’s Day. If I am a Muslim, I would be confused with these mixed signals.

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