Friday, February 25, 2011

Screenwriter David Seidler

Telling the story of the stammering king, George VI, has been a lifetime ambition for screenwriter David Seidler. In fact, Seidler grew up paralyzed by the same impediment he depicts the monarch struggling to overcome in The King’s Speech. Seidler said in an interview: “I had huge trouble with the ‘H’ sound, so when the telephone rang, I would break in a cold sweat, because I couldn’t say hello”.

Yes, David stuttered as a child. "It's not a pleasant experience. Nobody in their right mind would choose to be a stutterer," Seidler said. As a method of education and motivation, Seidler's parents played him audio of King George VI, explaining that if this distinguished royal somebody could overcome his own speech impediment and lead a nation during a time of war that young David could do the same. In fact, he did more than that – Seidler wrote The King’s Speech, about the vocal voyage of the king.

Arsenal beat Stoke 1-0, thanks to defender Sebastien Squillaci who headed home Nicklas Bendtner's cross (8) to put the Gunners ahead. With this win, Arsenal moves to within one point of Manchester United at the top of the EPL table.

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